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About E - Log

E-Log Distributions Operating from UAE the company started as a local air and sea freight forwarder. We've grown considerably in that time: now a renowned international logistics company, our stable and independent organization has over many countries. This gives us flexibility and expertise at local level and the ability to offer the competitive service you expect of an international shipping agent.

What can we do for you?

The E-Log Group specializes in providing local and international logistics solutions. We enhance your logistics operations by relieving you of the worries often associated with freight forwarding. But we don't do just air and sea freight. We also do warehousing and value-added logistics and distribution. Added to that are support services such as: Origin management Key account management Customs & Compliance Expertise Web-based Supply Chain Visibility Supply chain consultancy

Tailor-made solutions

At E-Log, we like to get to know your company and your processes. We discuss your requirements and offer you tailor-made solutions. So we'll look at your organization and learn the logistical requirements of your product group. We will know your market inside out - it's already at home in many sectors such as eCommerce, Fashion & Lifestyle, Aviation, Projects, Food & Beverage and Oil & Gas.We have strong network for African trades specially on Electronic goods.

The E-Log strengths

Despite our international focus, we're a compact logistics organization. Our extensive network means we can serve you no matter where you are in the world. Therein lies our strength. Compared to larger shipping agents, we can: operate quickly and flexibly offer a single contact point and a personal service offer tailor-made solutions share our knowledge, experience and expertise with you take full responsibility for your logistical needs.

b2b supply chain

E-Log provides a variety of outsource solutions, enabling them to achieve a cost-effective presence in the market. With a comprehensive network in different countries across 6 continents, E-Log Group has the ability to provide tailor-made cargo solutions across the globe, with the expertise, infrastructure and financial support to offer a full range of cargo services. We have very proven optimised and effective Co-Loading Service network.



Our Portfolio

E-Log Distributions is renowned international logistics company. it offer the competitive service you expect of an international shipping agent.

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